There is a lack of medical specialists in Germany and this is especially true for clinics and hospitals. Administrations and chief medical officers have repeatedly confirmed that it is currently difficult to find suitable staff. Employers face enormous challenges. If a job is advertised, there will probably be too few applications, and, at times, even suitable applications will not be able to take up the position. As a result, vacancies for doctors and nursing staff cannot be filled promptly. The times when there were more applicants than jobs are long gone. The labour market has changed significantly and we are facing a labour crisis. But how do hospitals, clinics and other healthcare companies meet this challenge? Many opt to use the services of a recruitment agency. Applicants are also increasingly turning to nurse or doctor recruitment agencies, believing that a professional recruitment service offers significant advantages in the medical sector as they get a better overview of the jobs available. A specialised recruitment service for medical professionals is also beneficial for doctors and nurses, especially if they are unsure which direction they want to take their careers. Job offers in health care can often be a decision-making tool. Medical professionals will find CJOBS Germany to be the ideal contact for sourcing suitable jobs. If the presented job offer is a perfect fit, it can be a strong motivation for a job change.

You would like to place a job advertisement? Get in contact.

We identify suitable candidates for hospitals, clinics and other companies, and will remain your contact until the vacancies are filled.

As a professional service for the recruitment of doctors and nurses, we offer two services:
– Headhunting/Executive Search
– Performance-based recruitment (payment is only made after the vacancy has been successfully filled)
Please contact us if you would like to know more about the professional placement of doctors and nurses.

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