As a recruitment agency for medical professionals, we believe that it is important to prepare foreign skilled workers as best as possible for their deployment in German hospitals, clinics, medical practices, nursing homes and other organisations in the healthcare sector. We do not limit ourselves to recruitment but offer individual language training for doctors and nursing staff from abroad. To determine the level and to provide you with the appropriate language training, your current level of knowledge is assessed by means of a language test. The following specialised language training will be designated according to the determined level. This means that doctors and healthcare professionals are properly prepared to accept jobs in Germany.

Examination of language skills

Examination of language skills
The examination of your language skills will be done according to the Common European Framework of Reference. The lessons are designed according to your language skills. They are taught in smaller and larger learning groups. At the end, an exam will take place and you will be given the B2 or C1 levels. Classes are given by German foreign language teachers. The costs of the specialized language course are covered by CJOBS Germany. As a doctor mediation and placement for nursing staff, we are also the right contact for foreign applicants.

Job search assistance

Are you looking for work in the medical sector in Germany? Would you like to be supported by a specialist doctor and nurse recruitment agency, in language training as well as job searches? You will be in the best hands with CJOBS Germany, your recruitment agency for doctors and nurses.

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