As a recruitment specialist for medical professionals, we do not only focus on applicants from Germany. Doctors and nurses have a very good chance of finding a job in Germany if they have good German language skills. The personnel placement in the medical sector would like to counteract the lack of skilled workers prevailing in Germany. There is a shortage of doctors and other healthcare professionals, especially in rural areas. The fact that foreign doctors and nurses are in great demand in Germany is evidenced by the growing number of foreign doctors and nurses currently employed in Germany. It doesn’t matter whether you have just finished your training as a doctor or nurse or are an experienced professional, emigration to Germany can be a worthwhile experience. As a recruitment agency specialising in the placement of doctors and nurses, we know that the chances of getting a job in Germany are very good. A medical education and a degree in the European Union, the European Economic Area or in Switzerland is a prerequisite. If this is not the case, then international qualifications are generally recognised. At CJOBS Germany recruitment agency, we can also help doctors who wish to apply for a German license to obtain one.

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Applicants from developing nations

If you have completed your training in a developing nation and do not have an EU, EEA or Swiss degree, then you will generally be unable to meet the requirements for healthcare professionals in Germany. If necessary, an equivalence check can be carried out. If this is successful, a German approbation can be issued.

Foreign medical professionals are in great demand in Germany. Use our doctor and nurse recruitment service to find the jobs in Germany that match your applicant profile.
We are your contact person at any time as a doctor and nurse recruitment agency. Our support for nurses is completely non-binding and free of charge.

We are here to help.

Doctor or nurse

Are you a doctor or medical professional working abroad? Do you work in the healthcare sector and are looking for a job in Germany? In CJOBS Germany, your recruitment agency for doctors and nurses, you will find the right contact person.

As part of our recruitment process, we’ll support you in the following areas:
• We’ll check your CV (Curriculum Vitae)
• We’ll help you with your application   portfolio
• We’ll organise job interviews for you
• We’ll coach you for your interviews
• We’ll be your side as a recruitment agency for contract negotiations and administrative procedures
• We’ll support you with your work-related travel arrangements
• We’ll make contacts with important    people such as an interpreter

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